Welcome to MineGamers

Welcome to Minegamers

Survival / Factions / MMORPG / Quests / Trading / MiniGames

Secure Premium / Non-Premium Authentication System

Anti-Hacks / Anti-Cheating / Anti-Multiple Accounts

Our plugins

The best part about MundoDisco, is that we only use the best plugins, such as McMMO, Factions, and Essentials. We will never use risky plugins that could cause our gameplay to be corrupted, or unfair towards you. We are able to guarantee that our gameplay is fair for everyone, and cannot be bought by real money. AggrothMC is a game that requires a lot of skills to win, or to even participate, and we will do everything we can to keep it that way.

Our staff team

Our staff team has been carefully chosen, and will never corrupt. We pick the most active and loyal players to moderate the server, to prevent anyone from cheating, and to keep the community as clean as possible. We will never choose anyone unfit for a relevant position, and will listen to the players. If you want to be staff, be sure to never break the rules, and to always keep a clean mind.

Our community

Our community is growing daily, meaning that more and more members will enjoy the server. But this also means that there will be alot of communication between players. This is why we have decided to create an discord channel where you can talk with your fellow players. You will see several voice channels, and several text channels that you can join. Simply click here to join (new tab).

New Hardcore server available

  • Maximum difficulty level
  • 12 hours ban when on death
  • Additional live every 5 hours alive
  • Raid-Bosses
  • Anti X Ray
  • Day/night cycles are longer
  • Teleport available with /tpa
  • Extended recipes

New Survival map available

  • Pre-generated map to avoid lag
  • Map navigator from the website
  • Belongings protected with GrieftPrevention
  • Anti X Ray
  • Farm Limiter to avoid animals concentration
  • Better Sleeping. Only 50% of players need to sleep through the night
  • Day/night cycles are longer
  • Teleport available with /tpa
  • Extended recipes

Status: Online
Players: 0 / 200
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.15.x